K.Kelly: Artist of the Week


Meet Kristopher Kelley, the newest artist to step up to the Artist of the Week runway. This cutting edge designer has an understanding of silhouettes that provide him with the ability to create pieces that perfectly drape the body. His dedication to helping others dress for success and using fashion to express themselves, gives him a unique perspective from which he draws inspiration. Keep reading to learn more about this elegant designer and see some of his beautiful creations.


Medium of Expression: Fashion Designer

Why do you create?: I enjoy that intricate art of fashion design. I have such a huge passion for creating pieces that inspire and complement men and women to be the best physical representation of them selves. Fashion has the power to not only tell the world who you are but define for your individual self who you actually are, while providing you with confidence.


How long have you been creating?: 6 yrs

What piece of work are you most proud of?: I am most proud of my recent collection entitled The Magnolia Collection, inspired by my great grandmother who passed away in 2015. It was my opportunity to recognize how much of an elegant and strong woman she was. To me that collection definitely represents all women just by the character of women that I incorporated into design and construction.


Where do you find inspiration?: I am a big mood person, everything affects the way I design. I certainly pick up on energy of people and the atmosphere that surround me and vibe off of that to create a collection. Taking that surrounding energy be it a classical feel, a vivacious experience, or mellow vibe and creating a visual to represent it in the form of fashion.


How can we stay up-to-date on your latest creations? Drop your social links below:KKELLEYDESIGNS

What do you like to do in your spare time?: My spare time now consist of reading time period spy novels! They are a big move for me right now and I’m drawing soo much inspiration from those story lines.

Finally, what message would you like your art to depict?: Fashion is usually the first identifier, a first impressions go a long way so let your fashions be authentic to who you are and what you attract. And as long as you are true to you, nothing can stand in your way. Be love, be blessed, and be you!

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