4 Unlikely Places to Find Inspiration

As an artist, we all find ourselves in a creative rut from time to time. For months you were spewing out creativity and new ideas like an erupting volcano. Now, all of a sudden- NOTHING!

When I have this issue I have the same routine when trying to find inspiration- (Pinterest, Instagram, local events, Reddit. Rinse and repeat.)- but that doesn’t always work when it comes to finding fresh ideas because so many things seem to follow the same trends. Sooooo…I decided to compile my own list of often overlooked places to find inspiration when you’re in that creative rut.

1. Your Own Work

That’s right, taking time to reflect on the work that you’ve already created is a great spot to start. Who better to inspire you than you. Sometimes a walk down memory lane can show you all the growth and progress you’ve made in a short time. Even seeing where you could’ve done better might inspire an old project upgrade.

2. Conversations with Kids

You know the saying, “Kids say the darnedest things”? Sometimes they’re cute, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re just plain rude, but every now and then they say something simple yet profound enough to be enlightening. Next time you’re at that family gathering spend some quality time with the little ones, and actually listen to them. Keeping them occupied with a fun activity or coloring is sure way to start a interesting conversation. Not only will it make their little selves feel great to hang with their older cousin, they just might teach you some things. And who knows? Maybe they’ll be the one to pull you out of that creative rut.

3. Conspiracy Theories

Yes, conspiracy theories. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes [🙄], but just hear me out. Conspiracy theories offer just the right combination of crazy and intriguing in order to get your mind moving. Thinking about the possibility of absurd ideas being a reality is often enough to spark some outrageous ideas of your own. For example, thinking about aliens living amongst us can cause you to make some interesting connections about the human condition - sparking a creative project through the lens of an alternate life, or maybe designing fabric that mimics the textured skin of an alien. A few hours down the YouTube rabbit hole of conspiracy theories could be just the push you need to get your creative groove back.

4. A Day Off

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Give yourself some time to rest, and take a break. You’ll be so refreshed when you get back to work.