3 Ways To Connect With Your Fans


Ah, Fans! The garden of any artists career. They are kind of like houseplants. You need to give them just the right amount of sunlight and water to grow, but water them too much and they’ll start turning brown. You need to post but not too much, and you need to make sure that your content is brightening up their day like a ray of sunshine. Before your fandom starts looking like the Sahara Desert, here are 3 ways to keep the connection with your fans alive and well.

1. Respond to Them

You’d think this would go without saying, however, a lot of people don’t understand the importance of responding to their fans comments and DMs.


It’s easy to get wrapped up with life and not respond to anything, but as an up-and-coming artist your fans are so important to the growth of your career. You need to build that connection with your fans by letting them know you appreciate them. A simple thank you can go a long way when it comes to building a loyal and long lasting fan base.

2. Get to know them


Ask them questions, get them involved through polls, surveys, contest and giveaways. All of these things help you to truly understand your audience, and why they are drawn to your art. This understanding is key to your growth as an artist. Knowing what your fans need/want can be your compass for the things/content you create.

3. Be Consistent


Keep your promises. If you say you’re going to post every Wednesday, do it! It’s important that your fans can count on you to give them great content that they look forward to every week. Plus, this is a GREAT way to get fans to keep coming back to your page.

At the end of the day, authenticity is key. It’s a whole lot easier to connect with fans who relate to the real you.