Planet Mars: Artist of the Week


Meet Planet Mars. This week’s Artist of the Week is dedicated to giving you an unique experience through her artwork. Challenging the viewer to learn more about themselves, and their spirituality. Read below to learn more about this thought provoking artist.

Name: Planet Mars

Medium of Expression: Painter

Why do you create?: Digital Art and Canvases

How long have you been creating?: 12 yrs

What piece of work are you most proud of?: I'm really proud of my ”Inner” Canvas and My “magical am I” Canvas. I named it “Inner” because it's a woman with pink skin and red hair and a couple of shapes behind her. In the mirror, your skin isn’t pink so I tried to describe a spiritual view of one's self. Explaining the beauty of a face structure and the dot on her forehead representing wisdom and the spiritual eye. Seeing spiritually and seeing physically.

This piece by Planet Mars is titled “ Inner”

This piece by Planet Mars is titled “Inner”

“Magical I Am”

“Magical I Am”

The next Canvas I'm Really Proud of is “Magical I am” Canvas. I’m proud of it because it expresses infinite love. No matter how far you are I’ll still love you. In this painting, I added a rectangle behind their hands to show the space and distance between them in the physical. The smaller rectangles coming out from both sides represents their connection with one another spiritually.The black triangles at the bottom kinda give you a focus on their hands. To really push out Duality and love for oneself and someone else no matter how far away. Infinite love spreads past the physical eye.

Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration in music, nature, human body, moods and emotions that are expressed so I can have an idea on the emotion of the picture. Shapes are one of my huge expressions in my art.

How can we stay up-to-date on your latest creations? Drop your social links below:YouTube channel: click here Instagram: @_planetmarrs_

What do you like to do in your spare time?:Spend time in nature and Painting.

Finally, what message would you like your art to depict?: The closer you get to someone face the more you only see the small part you focus on. I want my art to show the spiritual aspects of yourself and not just the normal aspects that we see physically. Understanding the “unknown”. What is not seen is considered the unknown or just not existing. Seeing what exists even if not proven.

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