Time Capsule: 70s Photoshoot


Sure, fashion is ever evolving and constantly changing with the passing of each season, but it often makes nods to the past through modifications of old trends. The HF team decided to make its own nod to the 70s with a themed photoshoot. We took it one step further, by styling all models in clothing found at thrift stores aka Goodwill. Can someone say Vintage?

While creativity is our driving force, we are also working on being more cautious of our clothing decisions and how the fashion industry negativity impacts our environment. We were more than happy to take on the challenge of completely styling a photoshoot with recycled clothing.

Looking back we wish we would’ve spent more time documenting our process, nevertheless we got some pretty great shots we want to share with you. Check out the final edits from the 70s shoot below, and stay tuned for our next sustainably styled photoshoot. We will have some behind the scenes next time, we pinky promise!!

This shoot features models: Elijah Evans, Lindsay Bugert, Stephanie Thornton, Darrin (DJ) Brown, Madison Weber, & Jennave Traore.