Artist Spotlight: Nyjul Byrd


Exuberant. Exhilerating. Enticing.

Even if you've never met him before, the very presence of the Cincinnati native screams, "I am a dancer." From the very first side swept step. All eyes are on him. His every movement is captivating, magical even. As we walked through the clothing store, Nyjul glided between the racks of clothes and cascaded down the aisles, every movement matching the beat of the barely audible music playing through the intercom. His blaring confidence is met with awe-inspired eyes throughout the store. The gaze is accompanied by compliments, applause, and even some of the store's patrons joining him. The murmur of drum beats and electronic high hats in the background seem to be amplified with every pop, lock and stomp. 


Nyjul has been "moving around" since he was two. An impromptu sit-down with Nyjul reveals his memories of dance. One of the earliest memories Nyjul mentioned to us here at Hghly Fvrd. Ent.™ was a time when his older cousin created dance competitions to keep him busy when he would watch him. He described the game as being set up kind of like an American-Idol audition.  Nyjul is multi faceted in the world of dance performing in spiritual laced praise dances to performing on the big stage as a background dancer for some of the more mainstream musical artists. Nyjul's early exposure to artistic movement would prove to be a defining part of his life. 

Fast forward to his teenage years, Nyjul recalls a brief period of dabbling with being a DJ. While in training, he would find himself sneaking off to the dance studio to watch. Watching quickly evolved into dancing, and "dance was becoming addictive." 

The 22 year old dancer has a list of qualifications that would put even the most expert dancers to shame. He has competed in the "World of Dance", a widely known and popular dance competition platform, auditioned for back ground dancing for missy Elliot, and his more recent dancing junction, joining the popular R&B singer usher on the stage. 

Don’t let anyone steer you away from what you are passionate about. Just because they don’t mess with it, don’t mean you ain’t gotta mess with it
— Nyjul Byrd

Although brief, his disk-jockey experience influences his musical taste and the songs he chooses to choreograph. When choosing the next song for his newest project, he likes to go a more "underground" route rather than perform in the traditionally mainstream environment. 

Currently Nyjul is working closely with Hghly Fvrd. Ent™ in attempts to make Cincinnati, Ohio become more known in the art of dance, in the near future Nyjul plans on offering workshops to teach his amazing tricks and trades of choreography, and continue to break it down with every chance he gets, representing Cincinnati in any way that he can in upcoming competitions. Nyjul has hinted to creating a graphic t-shirt line delivering messages that he feels should be heard. 

The candid interview with the young dancer is enough to leave anyone inspired to go after their dreams, but before we part ways he leaves us with the following message:

" Don’t let anyone steer you away from what you are passionate about. Just because they don’t mess with it, don’t mean you ain’t gotta mess with it.