King Jamrockah: Artist of the Week


The extremely talented King Jamrockah has mastered the delicate art of excelling at being both a breakdancer and a MC. Anyone who takes a casual scroll through his instagram will find videos filled with impressive footwork. Of course, his talent doesn’t come without a lot of hardwork, which he chronicles through his #30DaysofPowerMoves. Reminiscent of the 80s, this artist seems to draw inspiration for his craft from those that came before him, all while adding his own special touch to each and every dance move. His work as an MC is no exception, it’s as if his dancing fuels his style of rapping. Keep scrolling to learn more about this artist and to see some of his work.

Name: King Jamrockah

Medium of Expression: A bboy/MC

Why do you create?: I create to shatter the glass ceilings of low expectations that came with labels unfairly placed on me as a child, to release the pain of past experiences, to stay in tune with my roots and culture, and most importantly to achieve and maintain happiness. No entity past or present can stop me, nor will it be allowed to.


How long have you been creating?: 12 yrs

What piece of work are you most proud of?:Listen to DA SHIT LIST by JAMROCKAH on #SoundCloud

Where do you find inspiration?: Listening to hip hop music, watching/studying new moves, and reading the stories of people who achieved great things by adopting a can-do mindset

How can we stay up-to-date on your latest creations? Drop your social links below:@kingjamrockah (IG/Twitter)


What do you like to do in your spare time?:Watch movies, watch sports, listen to music, play video games, dance my ass off at parties, study new moves


Finally, what message would you like your art to depict?: If you've ever had any label unfairly placed on you as a child, don't worry because it doesn't define you now nor will it ever define you. We wont be placed in boxes that so called experts know nothing about. We are limitless💯

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