Maddy Taylor: Artist of the Week


The first model to grace the Artist of the Week stage is Maddy Taylor! Although she has only been in the industry for two years, she has already proven that she has what it takes to be a super model. From the Cincinnati area, she has built a portfolio that showcases her poise, grace and fierceness. Take a look below to see some of her work and learn about where she draws inspiration.

Name: Maddy Taylor

Medium of Expression: Model

Why do you create?: I create to free my mind. I can express myself better without words, and modeling allows me to do just that.


How long have you been creating?: 2 yrs

What piece of work are you most proud of?: I am most proud of the “Beach Edition” magazine I was published in, you can view it at

Where do you find inspiration?: America’s next top model was my biggest inspiration as a child. Today, my 2 daughters are the reason I keep going.


How can we stay up-to-date on your latest creations? Drop your social links below:Instagram @mad.tay

What do you like to do in your spare time?:paint, draw, do hair and makeup, and spend time with my family.

Finally, what message would you like your art to depict?: to accept and love yourself as you are, and be the best YOU that you can be.